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<p>Lazensky Hotel Nove Lazne Marianske Lazne Resort Area / Colonnade EUR Marianske Lazne 4732 Czech Republic 79 4 The original classic building of Nove Lazne from the years 1827 - 28, built at the end of life of the abbot Reitenberger according to projects of Josef Esch, was completely rebuilt in the style of monumental neo-Renaissance according to the project of the architect Josef Schafer, a native of the place. The project was designed as a luxurious building for notable guests. The investor of the original building and reconstruction was the Tepel monastery.<br>The exclusive attraction for spa guests was to bathe in the Roman spa and the bubble bath in the Royal cabin used even by King Edward VII.<br>Spa Hotel Nove Lazne is the largest and the most beautiful building from the point of view of its architecture, from its very beginning was the balneal centre of the town. The year 1999 continued this famous period and attractive rooms were built in Nove Lazne.<br>The hotel is located in the centre of the resort part of the town in the vicinity of the colonnade and parks. Reitenbergerova 53<br>CZ - 353 01 Marianske Lazne Private bathroom<br>Hairdryer<br>Bathrobe<br>Satellite TV<br>Telephone<br>Minibar<br>Satety deposit box Restaurant<br>Lobby bar<br>Cafe<br>Internet access<br>Car parking<br>Solarium<br>Beauty parlour<br>Cosmetics<br>Hairdresser<br>Manicure<br>Pedicure<br>Casino<br>Mineral bath<br>Hydrotherapy<br>Classic and reflexive foot massages<br>Manual lympho-drainage<br>Hot spring bath<br>Inhalation<br>Healing gymnastics in the swimming pool 78.00 17/07/2003 9:38:47</font></font></td></tr></table></center></div></center>
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