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PrePaidATM Get It... Fund It... Use It

Get IT! Fund IT!, Use IT! 3 Easy steps�. It's an ATM Card, Debit Card, and Money Transfer Card ALL IN ONE. Using the PrePaidATM Card online is QUICK, CONVENIENT, EASY-TO-USE, SECURE & PRIVATE.

  • Instant access to your funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week�anywhere in the world.
  • The PrePaidATM Card can be used on ALL six major worldwide ATM networks.
  • Use the PrePaidATM Card ANYWHERE debit cards are accepted.

PrePaidATM can be funded by Mastercard or Visa, ACH, Bank Wire PrePaidATM card to card transfer or Quick Collect (Western Union).

To purchase credits at casino Online using PrePaidATM:

  1. Logon to casino Casino and proceed to the Banking section.
    Note: Remember to have your PrePaidATM Account code, PrePaidATM Security code available.
  2. Go to the Banking section.
  3. Select "Purchase", choose PrePaidATM as your purchase option.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to purchase.
  5. Click on Submit.
  6. You then proceed to the PrePaidATM site, fill in your PrePaidATM Account details and submit your purchase request.

IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PrePaidATM ACCOUNT (USA residents only)
Click here to create a PrePaidATM account now.

You will be directed to the cardholder sign-up page at Getting a PrePaidATM account is very quick and easy! Simply fill in the cardholder information and you will be sent your PrePaidATM account Code, PrePaidATM security code, and your secure PIN. You can then use these to access your PrePaidATM account and fund it using a variety of funding methods. Once you have money in your PrePaidATM account you can purchase credits to use at casino .

PrePaidATM Customer Support (Toll Free) at 1-866-35-PPATM or 1-330-896-5627 or via email at

Tips to avoid delays and rejected transactions:

  1. DOUBLE-CHECK that your PrePaidATM registration details (name, home address, and e-mail address) are IDENTICAL to your casino registration details.
  2. Check that you have sufficient funds available in your PrePaidATM account before attempting to make a purchase at casino .



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